"Luft" is a 3D first person shooter capture the flag tournament that is set in a colorful village floating on top of hot air balloons. A team of seven created an exciting action packed game in four months. We succeeded in creating a game that is as much fun to play as it is to win. Below are my contributions to the game.

I created custom weaponry in 3Ds Max to enhance the fun experience of the game.


  • Pinpusher: shot needles that deflated opponents.

  • Blunderbust: shot explosive balloons.

  • Luft Cannon: shot out massive gusts of air to blow opponents away.

  • I created props in 3Ds Max and Photoshop 

I created health and ammo pick-ups in 3Ds Max and Photoshop.

I created a Pinwheel in 3Ds Max and Photoshop to use as the flag in the game.

I created a hand painted custom cd cover in Photoshop.

I created a custom Gramophone with a Beetles inspired record in 3Ds Max and Photoshop.