"Scrapped" is a fun single player 3rd person platformer. The player moves through the game as C-23(a cute and curious robot) who has to make his way through the scrapyard to the safety of robot village using the magnetic ability to attract and repel to avoid hazards.  It was a Team Game Project (T.G.P) completed in 6 months by a team of 15 from four disciplines. By utilizing programs like 3ds Max, Photoshop, and Unreal Game Editor, we created a playable experience. Working on Scrapped was fun and there were many unique assets created for the game to enhance world believability. Listed below are some of my contributions to the team as a Game Artist.

Created Main Character Design

Storyboarded Game Play minutes and Action scenes

These images are in presentations used in early production to help visualize game play action.

Conceptualized and modeled futuristic gameplay meshes of different forms that enhanced the believability and overall feel of the game.

The Flying Trash Bot

The Flying Trash Bot travels throughout the Scrapyard sorting items and collecting trash cubes to build towers of scrap.


  • The Lab Bots are Q-Tech machinery found in the Lab tutorial section of the game. The Lab Bots come in three versions, The Hammer Bot, The Round Finger Bot, and The Saw Bot. These models share the same texture atlases and are made to be animated.

  • The Round Finger Bot created in 3Ds Max

The Hammer Bot created in 3Ds Max

The Saw Bot was created using 3Ds Max

I created multiple  meshes in 3Ds Max for in game props and game enhancement. 

I created and modeled the logo

 for the game, it was designed to capture the “feel” of the game in the form of a single word. I also concepted the logo animation.

I authored and digitally hand painted  the team logo


I really enjoyed working on this game and with this team, part of our team strength was that we worked well together. We were able to accomplish a lot in the miniscule time that was given. One personal accomplishment is that I made 84 meshes that made it in the game! Our team developed a sufficient naming system, pipeline; we utilized scrum, even sticky notes and proper documentation (when needed). Sticking to the schedule the team rarely went into crunch, and from our labors of love, we produced a REALLY COOL GAME…that shows off our skills and determination to push beyond others expectation and change the game.